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A sound knowledge of dynamics has long been an integral part of an engineer’s toolchest. Engineering dynamics influences a variety of different applications from transport to automation. The Back Pocket Dynamicist spans the entire range of Engineering Dynamics topics from Rigid Body Kinematics to Dynamic Fatigue. Using a concise yet detailed approach it provides a straightforward and logical exploration of these topics targeted to various reader personas from a student to a practicing engineer. The text is based on comments and suggestions from some of the foremost industrial experts in Engineering Dynamics.

While the focus is on providing the reader with a robust foundation in Engineering Dynamics principles, there is a conscious effort to reinforce how these principles influence real-world engineering problems.


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About the Author
Chris Davidson is currently a Senior Application Engineer with MSC Software, where he has had the good fortune to be involved in many types of dynamic analysis. He holds an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and has been a licensed professional engineer in Washington state since 1996. Upon graduation, Chris began his career at the Boeing Company, where he developed dynamic hydraulic system models and helped certify hydro-mechanical equipment. Following Boeing, Chris worked for the Ford Motor Company helping develop hydro-mechanical models of automatic transmissions. Just prior to MSC, Chris worked at Smiths Aerospace, where he served as a stress and performance engineer and finally CAE manager.