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Extension of Licenses for Work-from-Home Support
Effective immediately through June 30, 2020 (when MSC will reassess the situation), MSC is hereby allowing for the following: Notwithstanding any contractual restrictions on remote access in your MSC software license agreement, you may nevertheless allow your authorized users to access and use your licensed MSC software products from their homes, so long as your authorized users access your authorized license server through secure VPN and within the same country where your authorized facility is located.  No further paperwork is required from MSC for this temporary arrangement.  All other terms and conditions of your applicable MSC software license agreement continue to apply, and you remain responsible for your users’ compliance with such terms and conditions.  It is your responsibility to provide the necessary infrastructure (laptop or other hardware, access via remote desktop, VPN) to support remote access.

Alternative Access to Software Licenses
For those authorized users who cannot connect to their company’s license server from home, we have alternatives available. Please contact MSC Technical Support or your MSC representative for additional details. We have re-prioritized our Technical Support queues so that our teams worldwide will work with you on work-from-home license issues as their top priority.

Access to e-Learning
For authorized users of MSC Software, we will provide free access to our e-Learning offering through June 30, 2020. To request a personal subscription, go to the MSC Learning Center login page and click the SIGN UP button. While filling in your details, please be sure to provide your Customer Entitlement ID (CEID). Once you register, we will approve your request within 1 business day confirming access to the site.