How To Qualify

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To qualify for the Research Assist Program, researchers must be enrolled in an accredited Masters, PhD or post doctoral program, or involved in a non-profit research project at a recognized research lab or institution. Researchers and academicians should submit the topic of their research project with an abstract to MSC Software and agree to the terms and conditions of the program in order to complete the qualification process.

The MSC Software review board will evaluate the abstracts on a continual basis and each year, up to twelve qualified candidates worldwide will be selected and granted software products at no charge. We will announce software grants every quarter. Winners will be notified at the end of each quarter via phone and e-mail. Other candidates may re-apply to the program for consideration.

Additionally, there will be a competition in each of the world regions (Americas, Japan, APAC and EMEA) to select the best published papers which apply the use of MSC Software simulation technology. Winning papers will be selected based on depth of technical and innovation leadership. There will be three awards each year for first, second, and third place. Winners will be notified within 6 months from the date of paper publication.