How Giant Magellan Telescope uses MSC Apex

The team at GMTO is using MSC Apex to help the giant telescope withstand earthquakes in Chile while helping humanity understand the universe.

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With the demand for MSC Apex accelerating, we are beginning the journey to build a dedicated partner channel for MSC Apex – MSC Apex Elite. This is a first in the history of MSC. Why? Because MSC Apex is a first in the history of MSC Software, a first in the history of simulation. Customer delight and an order of magnitude increase in productivity are a mantra for us.

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Current Apex Elite Partners

Account Name City Country Elite Contact
Marco Solutions Bangalore IN anandakumara MB
CEDIC Seoul KR Wanho Jeon
DNK Daejeon KR Minsoo Choi
ENS KR Sung-hoon Kim
ESC Incheon KR Imyong Choi
GEOS KR Ik-ho Shin
LIAN Soft Suwon KR Haesung Park
Account Name City Elite Contact
AOBA SCIENCE CO.,LTD. Akita-City General Manager Mr.Masaka
Dipross Tokyo Mr. Nakano
HPC SOLUTIONS, INC Chuo-ku Manager Mr. Ushiki
ILD Mr. Yanagida
ITAGE CORPORATION. Nagoya Deputy Sales Manager Mr. Shimamura
IWATE-DE Iwateken CAD,CAE Master Mr. Tamura
ORIX RENTEC CORPORATION Shinagawa-ku Team leader Mr. Sato
PetaSystem Ongagun President Mr. Tadokoro
SANKI, Y.K. Fujieda Mr. Shimizu
SOFTWARE CENTER INC. Chiyoda-ku President Mr. Abe
Syounan Technical Office Utsunomiya President Mr. Kita