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SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Power Tools for Adams Customization

This webinar presents a Macro Organizer Plugin for Adams View that users can download from the MSC SimCompanion website. Specifically, this plugin makes it easy to organize and extend Adams View functionality with user-written macros.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Contact Modeling in Adams – Detailed Analysis of Contact Parameters and Integrator Settings

The CONTACT statement in Adams is used to model collisions between bodies within a larger MBD simulation. This unilateral force has a zero value when there is no penetration between the geometries and has a positive value when penetration does exist. The CONTACT statement supports multiple contact types, dynamic friction, 3D solid geometries and 2D geometries.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Inherent Strain Approach in Marc

This SimAcademy webinar discussion will be on using a different approach to such simulations, based on inherent strains (which contain the summation of the thermal strains, plastic strains, creep strains and phase transformation strains). Using inherent strains, the analysis reduces to an elastic structural analysis, which is much faster than its coupled Thermal/Structural counterpart.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Modal Stress Recovery using Adams Durability & Distributed Loads for Linear Flexible Bodies in Adams

A Modal Neutral File (MNF) is a conduit to take reduced model information produced via component modes analysis into multibody dynamics (MBD) software such as MSC Adams. The modal information obtained from an MNF file is used in the MBD software to represent flexibility. This presentation will attempt to describe this process.