Hydraulics & Pneumatics: Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation Intended for Fluid Power

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: FRF, FBA, and TPA Capability in MSC Nastran 2010

The frequency response function (FRF) and FRF-based assembly (FBA) are new capabilities in MSC Nastran. FRFs can be used to represent components. This capability facilitates the computation of the FRFs of individual components and also the subsequent computation of the FRFs of an assembly of such components from their individual FRFs. It supports test FRF components in the FBA process. Also it allows the FBA process to handle a single FRF component without any connection data. Such an FRF-based assembly process represents an alternative to component mode synthesis (or Modal Substructuring). This method also lends itself to tracking load paths or energy flows through a structure. This approach may be regarded as an alternative to mode participation studies. This latter feature, commonly referred as transfer path analysis (TPA). Note that this session is NOT a substitute for formal training.

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NASA 工程师使用 MSC Apex 将几何体清理所需时间从两天缩短至一小时

MSC Apex 功能组合所表现出的技术创新及易用性遥遥领先于我所用过的任何其他独立的 CAD 修补工具或集成的 CAD-CAE 网格划分软件。

MSC Apex 可将几何体清理与网格划分所需时间缩短 75%

“MSC Apex 承担了过去那些采用传统程序显得繁冗耗时、令人沮丧的几何体处理任务,并将它们变成了简便高效、乐此不疲的工作。”

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