Adams-Marc Co-simulation Makes System Analysis 15 Times Faster than Pure Nonlinear FEA Analysis

福特公司利用 Adams FMI 的协同仿真法来优化燃料经济性与 NVH 之间的平衡

Cleveland 高尔夫

Autoliv采用 MSC.Dytran® 对新型侧帘式气囊进行仿真

Adams Car 用于车辆设计和试验的真实动力学分析

Multibody Dynamics-Nonlinear FEA Co-simulation Services

Multibody Dynamics-Nonlinear FEA Co-simulation Services

MSC Nastran Provides More Accurate Solution to Assess Bone Fracture Risk

Mechanical Engineering: Attacking Noise Early

Wired: Innovation to Put a Great Sales Team on the Field

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: A Review of Splining for Aero-Structure Coupling in Aeroelastic Solutions

All aeroelastic solutions require that the structural DOFs and aerodynamic DOFs are coupled so that loads and displacements are transferred between the meshes while preserving equilibrium. In this presentation, we will: Review the various spline types and methods available in MSC/MD Nastran Explain the algorithms and show how splines work. Provide usage guidelines and show some techniques for validating splines using examples and demonstrations.

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Digimat-FE Datasheet