Dynamic Solutions for Transmission Systems

For the first half of this webinar, we’ll be introducing the different modules in Adams/Machinery: Gears, Belts, Chains and Bearings. There will also be a live demo showing how easy it is to create a Gear pair and a chain-sprocket system that can be used in a transmission system. For the second half of the webinar, we’ll introduce the Adams Gear AT and Bearing AT toolkits. These are other Adams solutions focusing on the detailed FEA integration for those mechanical components. At the end, there will be another transmission model demonstration showcasing its capabilities.

Accelerate your High Performance Computing with MSC Nastran / FEA

MSC Software, with its proven capabilities to solve large assembly models, has always focused on making the best of the computational resources available to users. The performance improvements in the solver technology can be seen in the efficiency of solvers, shared and distributed memory parallel processing, and the most recent implementation of GPU based parallel processing. Various technologies available in MSC Nastran to provide a truly high performance solution are discussed in this presentation.

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GPU Computing Accelerates Simulation Performance for MSC Nastran Users

MSC Nastran Hybrid Static Aeroelasticity Services Toolkit

Integrated, Accurate Static Aeroelastic Analysis with CFD data

Introducing Adams 2013

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Democracy and CAE at GKN Driveline (Article in Automotive Engineering)

Use of Finite Element Analysis to Create Robust Composite Designs – Going Beyond First Ply Failure

The paper shows how a structure can be made more robust by the analysis of failure through to ultimate load. Understanding how this failure occurs allows us to make a better assessment of the structures performance in extreme load conditions.

Accurately Simulating Entire Systems in Motion

Simulation has become critical to engineering design for nearly every manufacturing company. Multibody Dynamics makes it possible to simulate the performance of your product to a much higher level of fidelity earlier in the design process. You can evaluate more alternatives faster and deliver a more robust product with higher levels of performance while reducing product development costs. Learn how these benefits are achieved.

Automate your Actran Simulations using the API (Scripts & Sessions)

Modeling Composites with MSC Nastran Webinar

This webinar will help explore the full range of MSC Nastran composite capabilities. By watching this webinar, you will learn how MSC’s composites technology can help meet your analysis needs and reduce your product cost and design cycle time by doing more analysis and less testing. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this webinar is for you: Do you use composites in your product design today? What methods are you using to verify the structural integrity of your composite design? Can you predict the first ply failure (FPF) of your composite structure? Do you need to determine the ultimate load-carrying capability of your product by either testing or progressive ply failure (PPF) analysis? Do you account for delamination in your design and want to predict the residual strength of the structure as the initial flaw grows? Do you want to evaluate how well crack arrestment features work in your fail-safe design? Do you want to reduce the weight of your product by finding the optimal combination of ply thicknesses and orientations? Do you tackle manufacturing issues such as draping, curing, and shrinkage?

Performing Fatigue Analysis Using Adams and MSC Fatigue (Session II)

Moving into the Nonlinear World with FEA