Cadillac World Challenge Speed GT

Colorado State University student with Adams knowledge gains internship at Pratt & Miller

Adams/Car for Formula SAE

Adams/Car allowed the vehicle dynamics team to assess the effect of different levels of caster angle on the load transfer characteristics of the car, and also to ensure that the required steering torque wasn't too high for the driver. - University of Birmingham

University of Toronto

University of Toronto students use Adams to simulate quarter suspension vehicle system

University of Wisconsin

Seeing is believing for University of Wisconsin-Madison students using Adams in their 'Kinematics and Dynamics of Machine Systems' course

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI uses Patran to Create Complex Models in Roadside Safety

University of Sophia

Successful Sophia Racing team winning with MSC software

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

MSC Adams helps UNAM's FSAE team win Rookie of the Year!

The Ohio State University

The Center for Occupational Health in Automotive Manufacturing uses MD Adams and LifeMOD to assess Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk as a Function of Vehicle Rotation Angle during Automotive Assembly Tasks.

University of Texas-Austin

University of Texas at Austin simulates thermo-nuclear radiation using Patran Thermal

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI uses Patran to Create Complex Models in Roadside Safety

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT Uses Adams to Simulate Mobile Robotic Systems

University of Wisconsin

Justin Madsen from the University of Wisconsin Uses MSC Adams to Excel in the Fields of Multi-body and Structural Dynamics

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan uses Adams to study truck stability issues related to safety

Brigham Young University

Designing a Formula One Racecar with MSC software

Arizona State University

ASU teaches Structural Dynamics with Nastran