Actran Acoustics
The Gold Standard in Acoustic Simulation
HxGN LIVE 2019
The venue for this year's MSC Software
Global User's Conference & Hexagon's
premier cross-industry technology conference
June 11th to 14th in Las Vegas, NV
Engineering Reality Magazine
MSC Software's Engineering Reality magazine highlights the best in CAE simulation today
Iberian Lynx Release
Achieve 10x Productivity Enhancement in Pre/Post-processing for MSC Nastran using MSC Apex
Release of v14.1 of
MSC Cradle CFD
Technology leading fluid simulation software capability & performance boost
MSC Partners with UConn School of Engineering
The Partnership Is Intended to Advance Education, Research and CT's Aero/Defense Supply Chain
Hyundai Case Study
Actran Helps Reduce Time to Optimize Design of Active Pedestrian Alerting System by 50%
MSC Software

Accelerate Smart Change with CAE Simulation