MSC Partners with UConn School of Engineering
The Partnership Is Intended to Advance Education, Research and CT's Aero/Defense Supply Chain
Hyundai Case Study
Actran Helps Reduce Time to Optimize Design of Active Pedestrian Alerting System by 50%
Virtual Test Drive
Solutions for Autonomous Driving
VIRES Announces Transfer of OpenDRIVE® Standard to ASAM e.V.
The standardization organization ASAM e.V. will adopt several standards for the validation of highly-automated driving.
Adams Real Time & VTD
Cutting Development Costs
with Vehicle Simulation
Opel Case Study
Adams Simulation Reduces Full Vehicle Test Time by 30%
2017 Timmy Awards Winners
MSC Wins Best Tech
Work Culture

Tech in Motion recognizes the top tech workplaces in Orange County at the 2017 Timmy Awards