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GreenDwell provides design and consultancy services for buildings based on the principles of sustainable design. Rather than the conventional approach of looking at sustainable design purely from an energy and environmental perspective, GreenDwell also considers the human aspect of sustainability. The company believes that how people experience space through time defines their well-being.

The company uses a Green Research-Integrated Design (g.r.i.d) process to hypothesize the various senses that people might experience after the building is constructed. Computer simulation tools are used as the ‘sensual experience tester’ to help architects check for the sensual performance early in the design phase. The design is analysed for visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort, alongside checking the building’s environmental impact. Thus, the company creates an experience that is a delight to the senses, while minimizing negative effects on the environment.

Given the unconventional approach, the work process often takes longer than the typical design process. The company uses simulation to demonstrate to clients the impact of various environmental factors on the design. Using the additional layer of site and context-specific information enables the creation of a better design.

Given that the company caters primarily to clients in Thailand, which is a hot and humid country, shade and natural ventilation play a very important role in design. Also, for projects set in urban areas, the design needs to consider existing obstructions and their impact on wind flow on the site. The most efficient way to achieve this is by integrating ventilation simulation throughout the design process.

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