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Based in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec, Canada, Optimec Consultants is an advanced engineering consulting firm offering Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) services and complete Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions, and is a certified reseller of the MSC Software product line. For the past year, major efforts have been directed towards maximizing the potential uses of templates for building and analyzing FEA models. Templates are powerful macros that allow automation and improve productivity. Template building is a very promising capability within the MSC SimXpert multidisciplinary simulation environment. The goal of developing templates is to use them internally and to offer personalized simulation solutions to existing clients and new industries looking to implement the Finite Element Method in their design process. This case study presents four key templates that have been developed specifically for the large machinery industry and for work in future developments.
Automating the modeling and analysis of large FEA models.
The SimXpert template building capability permits the creation of templates aimed at automating repetitive processes. Building templates can be done using actions library or via macro recording. Specific scripts can also be coded using Python programming language. SimXpert’s main advantage over its competitors is its ease of use and straightforward interface.
  • Quick verification of results
  • Shorter analysis time
  • Ease of use

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