NASA Glenn Research Center


MSC Nastran



NASA Glenn Research Center is using the new Rotor Dynamic capability in MSC Nastran for engine performance analysis. MSC Nastran Rotor Dynamics provides a standard rotor dynamics code, enabling much faster transfer of data models, and a more streamlined capability for rotor dynamic analysis. With MSC Nastran Rotor Dynamics, NASA Glenn engineers can calculate maneuver loads for microgravity experiments and perform blade-out analysis, ensuring that the physical test is passed the first time, saving millions of dollars.
Testing rotor dynamics is a critical function for ensuring safety, as well as cost and time-to-market Reductions for builders of aerospace engines and turbines, air frame manufacturers and NASA, which collaborates with them. Until recently, software codes for simulating rotor dynamics – a necessity because of the tremendously high cost of physical tests – have been largely home-grown. This has created an environment that slows the transfer of simulation data and models between customers and vendors.
  • A single analysis platform for rotordynamic studies
  • Able to analyze large rotorydynamic models millions of degrees of freedom in size

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