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While Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) materials have been widely used in the automotive industry for some time, recently there has been a move to apply SMCs on more structurally demanding components. Though the material has long been considered quasi-isotropic with relative success, it has become apparent in industry that due to the complex manufacturing process, optimal structural design is not possible without considering the real anisotropic nature of the material.. With growing demand from the market, now is the time to leverage advanced SMC modeling capabilities targeting crash performance.

Results Validation:

Static and crash FEA simulations can now attain an excellent level of accuracy in stiffness and can capture peak load and displacement trends for typical part load cases.

The inner seat part illustrates the proposed workflow from process simulation to structural application. The Digimat simulation achieves a much better fit with respect to test data for most load cases, including head impact (puncture) and provide a good indication of hot spot localizations.

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