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Simusolve Australia was tasked with the structural evaluation of the preliminary design of a fabricated “road registered” supercar. The structural system involved various vehicle sub-assemblies, comprised of over 100 individual components made from metallic, carbon composite and elastomeric materials. The data was supplied as a single structured Parasolid assembly file – generated from SolidWorks. Simusolve was required to do internal load and stress surveys, torsion and beaming stiffness assessment, as well as modal response and confirmation of internal load paths.

The assignment was quite challenging due to several factors. First, the sheer scale of the mesh creation activity would have been sufficiently challenging on its own. However, when combined with the need to manage and organise such a large number of components and subassemblies, their structural interfaces and properties, and the problem became even more difficult. Traditional pre-processors struggle to handle problems of this magnitude. In addition, the team needed to make rapid changes to the geometry in order to assess design changes arising from analysis insights.

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