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The collector box ground cable retention feature was improved over the earlier design further for better performance. An economical and reliable feature was to be redesigned to meet the requirements of the intended retention force which ensures that the feature is always under pre-stressed condition. In the process of design modification of this existing feature, several parameters like length of the arm, width and thickness at the root, etc. were considered. The retention forces were estimated through a structural simulation using non-linear isotropic material properties (glass-filled Polybutylene Terephthalate material). The extracted retention force for this redesigned feature was found to be exceeding the intended force value which in turn caused the failure of the feature. However, the physical test results showed that the features were safe, and the retention forces measured were also in the acceptable range. Hence to understand the influence of fibre orientation in such glass-filled components; extended FEA studies were carried out using Digimat software.

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