Technology Ambassadors

Calling on all ambitious Technology Ambassadors who want to collaborate with the world's most innovative simulation software company. Become part of our Technology Ambassador Programme today.

We believe in supporting Ambassadors
Hexagon provides software to Ambassadors that are using tools for environmental or social good.

The Hexagon Technology Partner Programme is designed to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of designers and engineers by offering anyone the opportunity to become an official Technology Ambassador. Hexagon develops simulation software technology that enables engineers to validate and optimise their designs using virtual prototypes. Users in almost every part of manufacturing leverage our software to complement, and in some cases even replace the physical prototype process that has traditionally been used in product design. Through our Technology Ambassador Programme, you can access powerful software to drive greater social and environmental impact in the world.

What's available?
We will provide you with access to MSCOne so that you can enjoy our entire portfolio of products which include tools to help you meet any challenge — and deliver greater impact.

Why apply for the Technology Ambassador Programme?

  • Access to software products that enable engineering and simulation of your ideas from concept through to execution
  • Learn how to utilise industry leading tools and gain transferable skills for the workplace
  • Enjoy all online courses which include lecture slides, workshops, videos and more
  • Gain Independence and creativity to turn your ideas into content for sharing with your network
  • Self-develop and increase your confidence by learning new skills and how to use new products
  • Participate in opportunities to drive awareness of your skills through joint promotions
  • Meet new people and gain access to a user community that shares knowledge and best practises
  • Provide us with feedback so that we can implement changes that you want to see in the product

As an Ambassador, you will

  • Collaborate with Hexagon to promote joint marketing materials, such as testimonials, quotes, case studies, interviews etc.
  • Engage with and share Hexagon content via social media
  • Positively promote Hexagon to your networks through social media, blog posts, articles, events etc.
  • Promote the official Hexagon Technology Ambassador logo on any website or social media that you utilise
  • Provide feedback about experience and usage of products
  • Educate others about Hexagon through championing our brand

Apply now to drive impact

  1. Apply: Providing you are eligible for the programme, apply by completing the form below; Students may be redirected
  2. Approved: After a phone call to discuss your application, approved applicants will receive an email with an agreement to sign and the instructions to follow to access software

Eligibility for Ambassadors

  • Displaced worker
  • Retiree
  • Someone looking to learn/upskill to change jobs
  • Someone actively looking to undertake a personal project in their spare time

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