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MSC Software makes its industrial-strength engineering simulation software available for FREE to university student-teams participating in real-world, multi-school competitions. Click on the Contact Us to the right to begin.

If you would like to take advantage of our special offer, need more information about it, or if you participate in a team-based competition not listed here and want to know if it could qualify, Contact Us.


Getting Started With Adams/Car and Adams/View (not-FSAE specific)
Series of introductory , good primer for familiarizing youself with Car, View, and other products as well From any Adams product goto Help > Adams Help > Getting Started with ...

(SimAcademy Webinar Archive) Academic: Introduction to Adams/Car for Formula SAE
1-hour video introduction to Adams/Car for FSAE

Using the special FSAE database with Adams/Car
Download and install the FSAE database

Formula SAE Applications with Adams Car
Archived 1-Day FSAE training workshop, great to familiarize yourself with Adams/Car

Modeling a FSAE Suspension in Adams/Car
In-depth PDF guide focused on suspension subsystem definition

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