California State University, Sacramento

California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) used ADAMS to the Mini-Baja Suspension System

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The suspension of a Baja SAE car is arguably the single most important aspect of its design. A vehicle with a proven and reliable drive train and frame may be counted on to function at a moment's notice; however, it is the suspension which will ultimately determine what the vehicle is capable of. Adams software is a powerful tool in the development of a vehicle's suspension allowing a prospective designer to alter and test the vehicle's suspension and handling characteristics during the design process. This allows the development of a vehicle which possesses superior handling and damping characteristics from its initial construction and has the potential to greatly reduce testing and tuning time. During the design and construction phase of our 2010 Baja SAE car Adams was quickly recognized as a beneficial program which could drastically improve our design process. During the next few years we look forward to increasing our proficiency with the program and hope to plump the depths of its potential.