Below are a collection of learning resources available to new and experienced users of MSC Software's mechanical analysis applications.

MSC Academic Learning Center

The MSC Learning Center is a comprehensive learning platform that centralizes time-intensive training of industry-standard CAE simulation software to educate engineers at all levels, across a range of simulation software tools and applications. Join the MSC Learning Center University community to build valuable skills and learn the numerous ways modern technology is applied while visualizing and testing your knowledge of theoretical concepts.
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Adams Tutorial Kit

This Adams Tutorial Kit is designed as a supplemental curriculum kit for undergraduate Mechanical Engineering courses, including Design of Machinery, Dynamics, Mechanisms, and Mechanical Design. There are 44 examples in this Adams tutorial package, including simple problems such as “four-bar linkage,” “spring-damper system,” and industrial examples such as “Open differential” and “Gear Train System”, all of which are created based on a new powerful set of simulation modules in Adams called Adams/Machinery.
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Introduction to Mechanical System Simulation Using Adams

Introduction to Mechanical System Simulation Using Adams, authored by James B. McConville, is a book intended to familiarize you with the basics of theory and practice in Adams Multibody Dynamics (MBD) modeling. This book covers theory, basic examples, and industry examples.
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Exercise Modules

The Exercise Modules are webpage based walkthroughs detailing the use of Adams, Marc, Patran with MSC Nastran, MSC Apex and SimXpert. The walkthroughs are step-by-step and are ideal for new users.
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FEA Masters Program

MSC has partnered with the National Distance Education University (UNED), Spain's largest online university to offer you the chance to obtain an advanced degree in Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation. The National Distance Education University (UNED) is the leader in the implementation of cutting edge technologies applied to distance learning with over 205,000 students worldwide. It is one of the largest universities in Europe.
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7 Hours of Patran with MSC Nastran Tutorials

For new users of Patran and MSC Nastran, 30 YouTube hosted tutorials are available, complete with step-by-step instructions and necessary starting files. The YouTube tutorials span 7+ hours and cover Solid Mechanics, Advanced Structural Analysis, Dynamics/Vibrations, Composites, Elastic Stability/Buckling, Heat Transfer and Fatigue.
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