100% EV
- Accelerating Electrification
Discover a faster, more integrated, sustainable approach to the design, development and production of electric vehicles
Blurring the boundaries between Manufacturing, Materials and Part Performance for the optimal design of innovative quality products
E-book: Additive Manufacturing 2020
Smarter 3D Printing
First Time Right by Design
Smart Autonomous Mobility with VTD
Learn how Hexagon is helping customers accelerate the development and validation of Autonomous Vehicles using our Smart Autonomous Mobility solution, Virtual Test Drive (VTD)
MSC Nastran Excellence Award 2020!
Our inaugural MSC Nastran Excellence Award aims to recognize our many users around the world.
Cradle CFD V2020 —— 更精准的气动声学、电子热图及流固分析

E-book: Virtual Test Drive 2020


The Seven Pillars of Highly Productive CAE Simulation

Experience the Next-Generation Simulation Platform

Debunking the Five Myths of Multibody Dynamics Simulation

Reevaluate the use of MBD in your design process

New Engineering Reality Magazine

Learn how CAE simulation will play a big part in helping solve our world's sustainability challenges.

MSC Software Overview

Accelerate Smart Change with CAE Simulation

MSC Apex Generative Design

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Additive Manufacturing Using Smart Generative Design

Acoustic simulation cuts transport noise

Actran 2020 embeds fast and accurate acoustic simulation into design processes so manufacturers can reduce noise pollution and improve passenger comfort

Cradle CFD Latest Release

Cradle CFD V2020 introduces advanced co-simulation and post-processing capabilities that enhance aero-acoustics, electrical heat transfer, and multi-physics analyses

Simufact Improves Quality with New Dedicated Simulation Solution

New Direct Energy Deposition (DED) capability models manufacturing processes directly from G-Code